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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are used on websites to give you as a user a personalized and more efficient experience on the webshop. At MODEOUTLET we use four different types of cookies. Below you can read about each category of cookies and what we use them for.


  • Necessary cookies are those that are needed so that the site can function correctly. Without these cookies, basic functions such as navigating the page and logging in to your user profile do not work. We also collect some information through cookies for the analytical purpose of improving our site and providing us with information about the effectiveness of our marketing. In some cases, this cookie data is shared with our partners through, for example, affiliate marketing, where we share a pseudonymised order number to link sales and returns with traffic from these partners. IP addresses are in some cases shared with such partners to prevent fraud, but are not stored longer than necessary. The processing of cookies in this category is based on our stated interest in understanding and improving how our site is used and to be able to reward our partners for purchases on our site that have come through their channels.
  • Settings allows a site to remember information that changes how the site functions or appears. It can be, for example, the cookie settings you choose.
  • Personalization We use information about how you use our webshop, your purchase history and other identifying information to offer you a better experience of our site, which is adapted to your preferences. This means you can get personalized promotions and offers tailored to products you like. Please note that we will never process data on the purchase of intimate products or the like to provide personalized content on the site.
  • Marketing We use cookies to show ads and offers that we think you are interested in and that are tailored to your preferences. Note that you cannot opt out of having our ads displayed on external websites, which we only do when we have the right to use your user information to customize the ad. It can, for example, be information that you have previously bought a party dress and are therefore shown an advertisement with party dresses, or if you have bought something from MODEOUTLET, we think you might be interested in offers from MODEOUTLET. We handle such cookies based on our reported interest in being able to provide as relevant information to you as possible, but you always have the option of deactivating them below, and thus our handling of your user information to display customized ads will stop. We forward some parts of such information to the advertising and analytics companies we work with, who will have the opportunity to use it to customize and improve their services. Please note that we never use purchase history on intimate products or similar data to design ads for such types of items.


Cookie settings

Note that the settings for these cookies only include cookies in the browser on which you perform these settings, so you may need to update your settings in several places if you use several different browsers. If you become a member and accept our General Terms and Conditions, MODEOUTLET will process your personal data (including by collecting new cookies) You have the same right and option to deactivate cookies as described in the section above.

How to remove cookies?

If you no longer wish to use cookies, in addition to deactivating them, as described in the above section, you can delete cookies in your browser's settings. You can also set your browser to notify you every time a site tries to place a cookie on your computer. Via the browser, you can also delete previously stored cookies. How you remove cookies depends on which browser you use, and you will find information about it here:



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